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Frequently Asked Questions

As a client of Brymels LLC you are always our foremost priority. Your complete satisfaction is a goal and we are constantly striving to exceed your expectations. We also realize the decision to invest in a website may not only be a financial obligation but also may bring about many unanswered questions. For your convenience, we have designed this page to answer many of the questions we hear on a daily basis. However, we also encourage you to contact us if we can assist you in any way. We can be reached at 916-749-3236 or 972-335-3571.

What are the benefits of a website?

Your website provides you with a sales avenue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the internet. A website is also intended to serve as a testimony of your knowledge and expertise in the industry in which you specialize. Providing exposure to the consumer you add credibility and stability regardless of how long you have actually been in business. A website is also an excellent avenue to increase your sales productivity and client base. If you have any further questions regarding your potential new website, we invite you to contact Brymels LLC at 916-749-3236 or 972-335-3571 at your earliest convenience.

Where are you located?

With over 20 years of expertise, Brymels LLC is located in the beautiful city of Roseville, California. We are owner operated and take great pride in our flexible scheduling calendar that allows us to be available to you at your convenience. Though we have earned ourselves a reputation for customer service excellence throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, we are happy to serve nationwide. As we still maintain a client base in Northern California where we originated from, we are committed to serving all our fellow business owners. Feel free to contact Brymels LLC at 916-749-3236 or 972-335-3571.

I want you to design a website for my company. What do you need from me?

Because we specialize in custom website design, it is important that you provide us with a copy of your company logo if you have one. In able to have the highest image quality, we would prefer to have a copy that has been saved in either a .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf format. Other tools we may ask of you would be brochures, flyers, business cards and any other advertising tools you have previously used. At the time of appointment, we will complete a questionnaire about your business and your specialties. We will also ask for any ideas you may have and any pictures of work you have completed in the past. We require an initial deposit of 50% of the total cost and a signed sales contract. If you have any questions regarding our website design services or we can assist you in any way, we encourage you to contact Brymels LLC at 916-749-3236 or 972-355-3571.

What is the benefit of being on the internet?

Through the years, there has been a phenomenal growth in the World Wide Web. Rapidly, the internet has become the leading edge of advertising and is a common part of the homes and businesses of consumers worldwide. As the traditional paper telephone directories are slowing phasing out, the consumer of today is more often than not utilizing the internet for their shopping needs. It is imperative that any growing business owner who intends to grow remain on that cutting edge of technology. Let Brymels LLC help you get that internet exposure you need!

There are many website designers to choose from. What makes you different?

With over 20 years experience in the website design industry, Brymels LLC continually researches and studies the very latest in website design technology . We do not believe in using the basic templates which provide little room for originality and creativity. When writing in a template, you must stay within the realm of the template guidelines. We code your website using html, javascript, flash, and php, therefore our design options are unlimited. We also use the latest techniques in search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize your search engine results. At Brymels LLC, our prices are kept well below market and we promise to always deliver a product that will remain affordable to even our largest competitor. We take great pride in customer satisfaction, in that you are always a name not just another client. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our sales specialist, please don’t hesitate to contact Brymels LLC at 916-749-3236 or 972-335-3571.

How long does it take to complete my new website?

Because our attention to detail is one of the qualities which sets us apart, typically we can complete a website up to ten pages in approximately four weeks from the date a sales contract is signed. For larger or more detailed web sites we will provide you with an estimate unveiling date. (Our time frames are contingent upon the receipt of any necessary information we may have requested at the time the sales contract is complete. This includes pictures, logos, domain logins, bullet notes, etc.)

What about changes to my site? Can I do that myself?

Because our sites are handwritten, we prefer to maintain our own work. However, if you are proficient with html coding and also possess an FTP or File Transfer Protocol software program, so that you may make changes to your site yourself. If not, you can have the confidence that we are available at your convenience. After talking with you, we will determine whether your project requires an hourly charge, a custom quote or in some cases may not require a charge at all. At Brymels LLC, we are proud to remain affordable and fair. We are always here for you and the maintenance of your website so that you can concentrate on your business, as it should be. If ever there is a question of charges, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to thoroughly explain the breakdown of our charges.

Why do I need website maintenance?

As with your company itself, your website should grow with the expansion of your company. By continually maintaining your web site with the most current company information and photographs you remain on the cutting edge for your industry.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a specific website address that you select. (For example, At Brymels LLC, we will assist you to select a domain name for your new web site and then confirm the domain availability. If for any reason your desired name is not available then we will help select an alternative domain name. If you already purchased a domain name, we must have the name of the company you bought the domain name from, your user id and password for the domain login, in order to point the domain name to our server/host.

What is web hosting?

Hosting is what keeps your website on the internet. It hosts your website on the internet. In order for your website to be on the internet you have to have a domain name and hosting. The domain name is pointed to the hosting using DNS information, so that when someone types in your domain name (website address) your website will pull up. Once your website is completed by Brymels LLC, we upload all the website files, folders and pictures to your server so that your website will be live on the internet.

Do I have to write the content for my web site?

Absolutely not! At Brymels LLC, we realize as a business owner, you are very busy running your own business. Therefore, that is exactly why you have paid us to design your website. Upon completion of your site, you will have an opportunity to review your site, including the text contained. If anything within the site is incorrect, or as not agreed upon, we will make the adjustments to your site accordingly. Once all changes have been made, we will then request for a final payment for your website, and your new website will be submitted to the search engines. *If you choose to write any of your text, we request that it be received within the first 2 weeks of signing our sales contract.

Are there any monthly fees?

No. At Brymels & LLC, we believe your website should be an asset to your business, not a deterrent. Our design fees are one time fees; your only ongoing fees are for your server and your domain name. Your hosting is billed on an annual basis at $200/yr. and your domain name is billed either annual at $20/yr. If you should have additional domain names, they may be billed to you on an annual basis.

Do I have to worry about my domain or server expiring?

No. We will always contact you approximately 30 days before expiration to remind you. If you want to renew your server or domain name, we will send you an invoice at that time. Note *your server and your domain name must be paid before they expire or you take the chance of your website coming off the internet or the possibility of losing your domain name. If you let your server expire, a $125 re-connect fee will apply.

You may receive random invoices from companies such as Domain Registry of America or Liberty Names of America. These companies send out expiration notices that look like bills to you, trying to get you to pay them for your domain renewal. They are not your domain registrar, and are just trying to get your business at an inflated price. If you purchased your domain name and server through Brymels & Associates - DO NOT PAY ANY OTHER COMPANY FOR YOUR DOMAIN OR SERVER. We will contact you and invoice you when your domain or server is up for renewal.